"Beast" - Endtime Ruler; also known as Antichrist

In the Old and New Testaments, a particular individual is singled out as the particular focus of God's wrath. This individual is known in biblical scripture by many titles such as the "beast", the "little horn" , the "prince that will come" and other titles.

One ancient prince was singled out in scripture, the Prince of Tyrus, who may be considered a 'type' of antichrist.

After the judgment of the Prince of Tyrus, God directs the prophet Ezekiel to write a judgment about the King of Tyrus, and from the scripture is learned that this individual is not a human being, but "the anointed cherub that covereth".

From further reading of the text it is learned that the cherub being addressed here is Lucifer (or Satan), as this was his former position before the throne of God before his fall.

Satan is also viewed as a 'prince' that will eventually be judged.






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