Apocalypse technically refers to a revelation of God's Will (The Bible), not to some knowledge that is or will remain hidden or unknowable.

Thus, in Revelation, we see a clear pattern of future events:

  1. the various periods of the true church, shown through the letters to the seven churches;
  2. the throne of God in Heaven and His Glory;
  3. the judgments that will occur on the earth; the final form of gentile power;
  4. God' re-dealing with the nation Israel based upon covenants mentioned in the Old Testament;
  5. the second coming proper; the one-thousand year reign of Messiah;
  6. the last test of Mankind's sinful nature under ideal conditions by the loosing of Satan, with the judgment of fire coming down from Heaven that follows;
  7. the Great White Throne Judgment, and the destruction of the current heavens and the earth, to be recreated as a "New Heaven and New Earth", ushering in the beginning of Eternity.



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