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Sunni Islam, which is followed by the majority of Muslims, and uses the Quran and the Hadith as a reference to the signs of Judgment day. The signs in Sunni Islam revolve around the purification of earth from non-believers, either by mass conversion of non believers or in most cases by death. The appearance of the Mahdi as the final Muslim Caliph and the ascending of prophet Jesus in his time.

Before the major signs as they are called, all minor signs have to occur. They are listed here:

A. The Minor Signs

  1. The Prophethood of Muhammad
  2. The death of the Prophet
  3. The conquering of Bait ul-Maqdis
  4. The Plague of Amwaas (in Palestine)
  5. The increase in wealth so that sadaqah is not needed
  6. Trials and civil strife:
    (i) The appearance of troubles in the east
    (ii) The killing of Uthmaan (ra)
    (iii) The battle of al-Jamaal
    (iv) The battle of Siffeen
    (v) The appearanc of the Khawaarij
    (vi) The happening of al-Harrah
    (vii) The appearance of the saying that the Quran is create
    (viii) The following of the ways of the previous nations
  7. The appearance of claimants to Prophethood
  8. Widespread safety
  9. The appearance of fire in the Hijaz
  10. Fighting the Turks
  11. Fighting the non-Arabs
  12. Disappearance of trustworthiness
  13. Disappearance of knowledge and appearance of ignorance
  14. Increase in the number of police and helpers of the oppressors
  15. Spread of fornication
  16. Spread of usury
  17. Spread of musical instruments
  18. Drinking of intoxicants and its being allowed
  19. Adorning the mosques and rivalling therein
  20. Building tall buildings
  21. The slave girls giving birth to her mistress (the daughter of her master)
  22. Increase in killing
  23. Time passing quickly
  24. Coming together of markets
  25. Appearance of Shirk in this Ummah
  26. Appearance of wickedness, cutting off of relations and ill treatment of neighbours
  27. Dying of grey hairs with black dye
  28. Increase of extreme miserliness
  29. Increase in trade
  30. Increase in earthquakes
  31. Appearance of sinking into the earth, transformation into animals and false-accusations
  32. The passing away of the pious
  33. The raising of the despicable people to positions of importance
  34. That greeting is given only to those the person knows
  35. That knowledge is sought from other than the scholars in truth
  36. Appearance of women in clothes which do not cover them
  37. The truthfulness of the dreams of the Believers
  38. Spread and increase in writing
  39. Laxity with regard to the Sunnah
  40. Increase in size of the new moons
  41. Increase in falsehood and having no concern to check reports
  42. Increase in false testimony and withholding true witness
  43. Large number of women and small number of men
  44. Sudden death being common
  45. Hatred amongst peoples hearts
  46. The return of the land of the Arabs to being pastures and rivers
  47. Increase in rain but decrease in agriculture
  48. The revealing of a mountain of gold by the Euphrates river
  49. The talking of wild animals and inanimate objects to people
  50. Wishing for death because of the severity of trials
  51. Increase in the number of 'Romans' and their fighting the Muslims
  52. Victory over Constantinople
  53. The appearance of al-Qahtaanee
  54. Fighting the Jews
  55. The expelling by al-Madeenah of its wicked people, then its desolation at the end of time
  56. The sending of a pleasant wind to take away the souls of the Believers
  57. The attacking of the Sacred House and dismantling of the Ka'bah

B. The Major Signs

  1. The Mahdee
  2. The Anti-Christ Maseeh ud-Dajjal
  3. The descent of Isa
  4. Yajooj and Maajooj
  5. The three great sinkings of the earth
  6. The appearance of smoke in the sky
  7. The rising of the sun in the west
  8. The beast of the earth [Daabbat ul-Ard]
  9. The fire which brings the people together
  10. A wind that will take the souls of all Muslims and only leave infidels on Earth.

Source: SalafiPublications; Signs Before the Day of Judgement Author: Yoosuf ibn Abdillaah ibn Yoosuf al-Waabil in "Ashraatus-Saa'ah" (Trans. Dawud Burbank)

These next occurrences are the final steps of Judgment day and occur on Earth:

  1. The blowing of the first Trumpet killing all humans on Earth.
  2. The blowing of the second Trumpet marking resurrection.
  3. The awaiting of Judgment by all humans, a process that is said to take thousands of years under a scorching sun.
  4. Judgment of mankind begins.

It should be mentioned that unlike the Shi'a, Sunni Muslims don't give much credit to the coming of the Mahdi since he is just another Caliphate to them and a human who is born at a certain time and has a normal life span and dies a natural death. He is anticipated but not treated more than a normal human.




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