The Rastafari movement believes the end times began with the crowning of Haile Selassie as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930, and that he will soon reveal himself as God.

They moreover believe that Ethiopian historical events such as the Second Italo-Ethiopian War are prophesied in the Bible. The rastafarians are waiting for Selassie to call the day of judgment, punish the wicked, and take the righteous back to Mount Zion in Africa to live with him forever in perfect peace, love and harmony. The present society in which they find themselves is referred to as Babylon, and will be destroyed on the day of judgment.

Rastafarians have a unique interpretation of the end times, based on the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation. They believe Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie is God incarnate, the King of kings and Lord of lords mentioned in Revelation 5:5. While on the one hand Selassie's crowning was seen as the second coming, and events such as the Second Italo-Ethiopian War were seen as fulfillments of biblical and specifically Revelation prophecy there is also expectation that Selassie will call a day of judgment, when he will bring home the lost children of Israel (the black peoples taken out of Africa during the slave trade) to live with him in peace, love and harmony in the Mount Zion in Africa.

Mount Zion is not a place, but the Rastas do believe that they will live there with Selassie in the physical sense of the word; e.g., living in their physical bodies in a physical place. There they will never die.However Ethiopia is not the final resting place as the New Jerusalem will be ushered in on the return of Christ. Ethiopia is seen as the promise, the place of refuge, the gathering of the scattered Israel until the coming of Christ. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. The garden Eden's geographical location is in Ethiopia. The first covanent with man started in the garden of Eden and it will end there after prophecy has been fulfilled and Israel is regathered.




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