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Hillsong’s Memory Hole. Text accompanying this video at Youtube: Published on YouTube under the Fair Use exception to the US Copyright Act.

Hillsong is using copyright infringement to have copies of Michael Guglielmucci’s “Healer” yanked from YouTube. This is a fair use excerpt from the video, explaining why Hillsong is attempting to deep-six the video.

The backstory is this: Guglielmucci has admitted faking his terminal cancer, and this video shows him performing “Healer” with an oxygen tube in his nose. He now claims he was doing this in an attempt to hide a porn addiction. (I’m finding this very hard to believe.)

However, Hillsong is now trying to rewrite history by having this video yanked. Hillsong would rather do this than own up to the fact that it had been deceived by Guglielmucci.

This is all very newsworthy, and as the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise found out earlier this year, removing a video from YouTube tends to get all sorts of attention paid to it.

If I were Hillsong, I’d put the video back up here on YouTube, the whole thing, and then maybe a video from Brian Houston explaining that they too were taken in. But the former is not likely to happen, and the latter — well hell will freeze over first. Brian Houston and his supporters would rather die first than admit that they had been taken in by a fraudster. It undermines their spiritual credibility.

If Hillsong does take steps to rectify this situation, I will of course modify my words, but my observations of the organization over the years (admittedly, from an American vantage point) indicate to me that this is not going to happen.

Please prove me wrong, Hillsong!

P.S. Planetshakers, I’m on to you too. The same thing applies.

Michael Guglielmucci’s “Healer”

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