The Tribes of Northern and Southern Kingdoms of (Israel & Judea)

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Israel (Jacob) had 12 sons with his two wives and their two handmaids. They were born in order as follows:

Of the 12 sons (tribes), ten eventually split off at the end of King Solomon’s reign and became the Northern Kingdom of Israel.


  1. Reuben (born to Leah)
  2. Simeon (born to Leah)
  3. Levi (born to Leah)
  4. Judah (born to Leah)
  5. Dan (born to Bilhah/Rachel)
  6. Naphtali (born to Bilhah/Rachel)
  7. Gad (born to Zilpah/Leah)
  8. Asher (born to Zilpah/Leah)
  9. Issachar (born to Leah)
  10. Zebulun (born to Leah)
  11. Joseph (born to Rachel)
  12. Benjamin (born to Rachel)


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