Biblical Account of Creation

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The Biblical Account of Creation

Formlessness Changed to Form
Day 1 Light vs. 3-5
Day 2 Air (upper expanse) Water (lower expanse) vs. 6-8
Day 3 Dry land plants vs. 9-13

Emptiness Changed to Habitation
Day 4 Luminaries (sun, moon, stars) vs. 14-19
Day 5 Fish, Birds vs. 20-23
Day 6 Animals, Man vs. 24-31
Day 7 God Rested Its was Good Very Good

The Meaning of Creation for All Men

(1) Men should submit to the God of creation in fear and obedience.
(2) Men should trust in the God of creation, to provide their every need.
(3) Men should be humbled by the wisdom of God as evidenced in creation.
(4) Man should find comfort in times of distress and difficulty, knowing that His creator is able and willing to deliver him.
(5) Man should respond to the God of creation with the praise that is due Him:

Story Line

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