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A system of predicting someone's guilt by burning charcoal on the head of a donkey while reciting the names of suspected criminals; a crackling sound is heard when the guilty person is named.


A divination system whereby omens and predictions are read from the flame of a candle or oil lamp. If the flames have a single point this indicates a good fortune and if it has two points this means bad luck.

If the flame is dim one must postpone any plans for the time being and if the flame is bright all things are right. If the flames should become small luck is temporary and should it spark this indicates forthcoming news. If the flame has a halo it indicates a storm is coming and if the flame goes out serious trouble or danger is ahead.


A specific branch of crystalomancy and hydromancy that uses to images on water. These images can be reflections or actual physical substances. In most cases when it is a physical substance the substance is non-homogenous with the water, like wax, lead or oil.


A popular system of divination where incense and prayers are used. Incense is burned while the individual prays. It is said that the smoke carries the prayers to heaven and if the incense is consumed the prayers will be answered. Choice of incense depends on which deity you wish to pray to or the subject of your prays.


A Greek oracle divination using a magic alphabet engraved on stones similar to runes. A detailed look into this form divination can be found at the link provided.


A specific form of geomancy that uses stones. Divination is accomplished either by tossing the stones and interpreting their patterns or using the stone's actual properties and correspondences.

One method is to use 13 stones each being unique type and relatively the same size. The 13 stones will have designated meaning according to their geological classification. Another method is to inscribe symbols onto stones, which is often made in a uniformed shape -- i.e. Runes, Limyra.


Mala is one form of Tibetan bead divination. The person doing the divination prays and chants mantra's particular to the deity he is invoking. Holding the rosary in front of himself, he randomly selects a bead in each hand, making sure to leave sufficient beads between them.

Then with his fingers of each hand he moves towards the center counting three beads at a time until he either has 1,2 or 3 left in the center. The procedure is repeated three times each having a specific purpose.

The outcome of the divination depends on the number of beads left. The remaining beads have special designations each with their special meanings; bead one is called "falcon"; two is a "raven" and three is a "snow lion". Tring ba


A form of divination that uses a pearl to determine guilt. A pearl is covered by an upside-down vase, and placed near a fire while the names of suspects are read aloud.

When the name of the guilty person is read the pearl would shoot up and pierce the bottom of the vase.


Form of divination also known as ESP or extrasensory perception by parapsychologists. A vision or cognition is received without the use of the five senses.


Another form of aeromancy where meteors are used.


The practice of interpreting a person's character and destiny from the individual's lines on their forehead. Metoposcopy is a specific form of physiognomy.


This method determines a person's character and health by using the moles on their body. In the Middle Ages this form of divination was used to help identify witches and determine their guilt.

This particular divination has a special place in medical science. We are often advised to report to our doctors if we have mole that changes shape, size and color because it could be cancerous.


Another form of hydromancy where the diviner uses lead or tin poured into water to produced shapes, which he then interprets. ceroscopy, lecanomancy


Monen is a Kabbalic term for the area of magic dealing with the foretelling of the future by the computation of time relative to observation of the heavenly bodies. astrology


A method of divination that uses mice and rats. Throughout history these rodents have been considered bad or evil omens. This is not so surprising since they eat our food and carry diseases. Their prophecy certainly held true during the Black Plague.

myrmomancy *

This is divination using ants. For example, when large amounts of ants are seen moving about, it is an indication of a coming storm.


Necromancy is the practice of conjuring up the spirits of the dead for divination. In Voodoo, necromancy is practiced in one of two ways either summoning the body (the infamous zombie) or summoning the spirit.

A famous story, of spirits revealing truths and foretelling the future, is the "Christmas Carol" with Ebenezer Scrooge.


A Kabbalic form of divination where words from the Bible are used to interpret the book itself. It is accomplished by combing the first and last letters of acronyms appearing in the Old Testament to form new words.

The Kabbalists believe the God has encoded secret messages in the Bible. They believe that "Amen" is the acronym for "Adonai Melekh Namen" meaning "the Lord and faithful King. gematria, temurah


A popular form of divination that uses numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and the numeric value of letters to reveal all sorts of information. This is an extensive field of divination with many methods.

Example: In Hebrew, consonants are used as number signs, but by providing them with vowels, one can often read the numbers as words and can read words as numbers -- so YHWH becomes Yahweh. gematria, numerology, temurah


A form of scrying where the diviner gazes into the questioners' eyes and reads the reflections. Perhaps this is not so strange considering the saying - "The eyes are the windows to the soul".


This is an Irish form of cleromancy. Stick(s) are made from a nut bearing tree onto which Ogham letters are inscribed. The sticks are tossed on a white cloth and the diviner would randomly choose three sticks and read the fortune. An alternative form is to have one stick with four sides on which the four groups of Ogham letters are carved.


First the object is either boiled or soaked in wine and then the wine stains are read.


Omphalomancy comes from the word omphaloskepsis meaning to reflect over ones' belly button. It was an ancient form of divination practiced on newborn girls to determined the number of children they would have in their future. The amount was determined by the number of knots in her umbilical cord.


A person who practices omphalopsychic stares at the navel as a way of inducing a hypnotic state in order to obtain a divination.


The form of divination by which dreams are interpreted either to aid in the understanding of the unconscious or to foretell the future. The psychologist Carl G. Jung thought that dreams were a method by which the collective unconscious talked to us. However, in ancient times it was thought that dreams were portals by which the gods spoke to person.


A Kabbalic divination where the oil of olives is placed on the palm or nails of an innocent child. Depending on the divinatory subject the child would either face east for money, south for matters of love, west for theft and south for murder. The child would then recite a Psalms and when finished she would see the answers.


Divination based on the theory that there is a link between a person's name and their character and fate. The simplest of the methods is to look at what the name means to glean the person's character --i.e. Cara means friend.

Another method is to look at the amount of vowels in the name. If there is an even amount the person will have problems with his left side and if there is an odd amount the problem is on the right side. The last method is to convert the individual’s name into a numeric value. Then, taking this number determines the person's future.


A form of divination that uses the human fingernail. One way to do this is to observe and read the shapes formed by the sun reflecting on a young child's fingernail. Another way is to read the markings on a person's nails to predict his/her future much like palmistry.

Then there is the medical way. The human fingernail can provide clues to the cause of a person's ill health. Health problems, like lupus, diabetes, scleroderma, kidney and liver disorders, all leave distinctive marks on the nails.


A divination system where eggs are used to predict the future. Method one is to break an egg in some water and read the patterns. Method two is to read the external shell of the egg. Method three is an ancient way to determine the gender of an expectant mother's child.

She incubates a chicken egg in her bosom and when the chick is hatched its gender will determine the gender of her child.


Divination by observing the behavior of snakes.


The study of omens associated with birds, particularly birds in flight. augury


Divination is performed by breaking an egg into a container and interpreting the shape of the egg white.


Divination is done by reading the lines and characteristics of the palm. This divination is an aspect of chirognomy.


It is the practiced of studying the characteristic of folded paper or the observation of one folding it.


A specific form of hydromancy that uses spring water. or Specific form of hydromancy based on moving water.


A definitive form of cleromancy where small objects like pebbles and beans are marked with symbols or colors relating to health, success, travel, money and so forth. The objects are placed in a bag and shuffled and then they are either thrown out, or randomly drawn. limyra, runes.


This is a divination that uses the contours of head and scalp to determines information about the person.


This is divination where a floral leaf or petal associated to the question is clapped between the hands. The loudness of the sound indicated the success of the outcome. In most cases the rose leaf was used, especially in cases of love.

Perhaps this is where we get the practice of pulling flower petals to determine someone's interest. Each petal is pulled while reciting the phase "he loves me... he loves me not ..." until the last petal is pulled. You answer is the last verse that corresponded to the last petal.


Divination by the face; the study of character analysis through physical features.


A psychic power where one has an inner knowledge of future events.


A form of divination where mysterious writing has an oracle nature.


This is the ability to perceive circumstances surrounding an object or place. In the majority of cases the psychics must hold the object but they can also get impression from their surroundings. It is not quite clear how it works.

There is one theory that states the object themselves are sentient (animism) and transmit the information and the psychic just tunes-in. The second theory states that living things especially humans radiate auras and energies that are left on objects they have come into contact with and the psychic will pick on this energy residue.


A generic term for divination that uses fire. The good omen is when the flames are brisk and the fire is healthy and robust. If offerings are made, like kindling, incense, sacrifices and so forth, they must be consumed quickly within the flames.

A bad presage is when the flames are dark and the fire is difficult to kindle and offerings do not ignite.


A specified form of pyromancy where the results are read after the fire is extinguished.


This is a general term for divining the location of an object or person by using a particular pointing device.

The device is used to increase the radiesthesist's sensitivity and can be either a rod or a pendulum. A rod is normally something long and thin like a stick, wand, or arrow while the pendulum is anything small that can be tied at the end of a string.

Sometimes, the radiesthesist will combine the two by tying the pendulum on the end of the rod. In both cases the indicators will move when it is over the object. One example is to use a pendulum over a map in hopes of locating a missing person.


Overall term used for divination with a rod, stick, wand or of similar shape. belomancy


A specific form of bibliomancy where a poetry book is used. The book is open randomly to a poem or verse to answer the individual's question.


A type of pessomancy where an ancient alphabet is inscribed on small objects like pebbles or sticks. These "runes" are either randomly selected or cast and their secrets read.

The runic alphabet can represent letters, qualities, events, oracles and deities. Two examples of runic systems are the Teutonic FUTHARK and the Greek Limyra.

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