Resurrection Periods


A) Old Testament Resurrections

B) New Testament Resurrections

C) Son of God's Resurrection. "Jesus the Christs"

D) Apocalyptic Period Resurections

A) Records of Old Testament Resurrections
pointer Resurrection In The Old Testament by Henry Morris, Ph.D.
pointer Elijah resurrected the son of Zarephath's widow
pointer Elisha resurrected the son of the great Shunammite woman
pointer A dead man comes back to life when he touches Elisha's bones
pointer Christ's Death and Resurrection In the Old Testament
B) Records of New Testament Resurrections
pointer Jesus resurrects the widow's son at Nain
pointer Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead
pointer Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
pointer Many saints resurrected at Jesus' crucifixion
pointer Peter raises a female disciple named Tabitha from the dead
pointer Paul raises Eutychus from the dead
pointer A strong possibility that Paul was raised from the dead
C) Son of God's Resurrection. "Jesus the Christs"
pointer under construction 18-003-012 Christ in His Resurrection - Part 1 by
pointer under construction 18-003-013 Christ in His Resurrection - Part 2 by
pointer under construction 18-003-014 Evidence for the Resurrection by
pointer   False Theories Against the Resurrection of Christ.
pointer   Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Contemporary Scholarship and the)
pointer under construction 18-003-015 Is the Resurrection historically reliable? by
pointer under construction 18-003-016 Proofs (7) of the Resurrection by
pointer under construction 18-003-017 Proofs (Infallible) by
pointer under construction 18-003-018 Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? (Is There) by
pointer under construction 18-003-019 Significance of the Resurrection (The) by
pointer under construction 18-003-020 Why Is the Resurrection Important? by
pointer under construction 18-003-021 Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important? by
pointer under construction 18-003-022 Why Is the Resurrection so Important? by
D)Apocalyptic Period: Resurrection of the Saved Dead & Resurrection of the Unsaved
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Resurrections Introduction

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1st Resurrection

pointer under construction


2nd Resurrection

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