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What are tools used for?

Tools are purpose designed in the natural and so to are in the spiritual.

They allow the believer to work the tasks assigned to them by God. Spiritual tasks will always require spiritual tools. Natural skills are not spiritual tools!

Nor does this then lessen natural skills within the individual these combined with spiritual gifts / tools allows the believer to effectively complete assignments and tasks allocated by God to them.

Nor are these tools; who we are no more than the natural skills we may have should be who we are? Simply they are reflections of things we do or have done.

Gods way of being and doing is eternal.

In the Kingdom of God who you are is not about what you do or what you posses in this natural world which is fading quickly to its end day. These things are far to temporary and clearly subject to change at a moments notice; hence far too insecure to place our identity around; God purposed mankind to have a far more secure identity than that which these things could ever afford.

Take the time to discover who you are in Gods eyes.

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