Basic Doctrines and Beliefs of Christianity


What do Christians believe? Answering that question is no simple matter. Christianity as a religion encompasses a wide range of denominations and faith groups, and each subscribes to its own set of doctrinal positions.

The following are the basic Christian beliefs central to almost all Christian faiths. They are presented here as the core doctrines of Christianity. A small number of faith groups who consider themselves to be within the framework of Christianity, do not accept some of these beliefs. It should also be understood that slight variances, exceptions, and additions to these doctrines can exist within certain faith groups that fall under the broad umbrella of Christianity.

There is only one God.
bullet God is three in one or a Trinity.
bullet God is omniscient or "knows all things".
bullet God is omnipotent or "all powerful".
bullet God is omnipresent or "present everywhere" .
bullet God is sovereign.
bullet God is holy.
bullet God is just or "righteous".
bullet God is love.
bullet God is true.
bullet God is spirit.
bullet God is the creator of everything that exists.
bullet God is infinite and eternal. He has always been God.
bullet God is immutable. He does not change.
bullet The Holy Spirit is God.
bullet Jesus Christ is God.
bullet Jesus became a man.
bullet Jesus is fully God and fully man.
bullet Jesus was sinless.
bullet Jesus is the only way to God the Father.
bullet Man was created by God in the image of God.
bullet All people have sinned.
bullet Death came into the world through Adam's sin.
bullet Sin separates us from God.
bullet Jesus died for the sins of each and every person in the world.
bullet Jesus' death was a substitutionary sacrifice. He died and paid the price for our sins, so that we might live.
bullet Jesus resurrected from the dead in physical form.
bullet Salvation is a free gift of God.
bullet The Bible is the "inspired" or "God-breathed," Word of God.
bullet Those who reject Jesus Christ, after they die, will go to hell forever.
bullet Those who accept Jesus Christ, after they die, will live for eternity with Him.
bullet Hell is a place of punishment.
bullet Hell is eternal.
bullet There will be a rapture of the church.
bullet Jesus will return to the earth.
bullet Christians will be raised from the dead when Jesus returns.
bullet There will be a final judgment.
bullet Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire.
bullet God will create a new heaven and a new earth.
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